Shihao Zhai, McNair Scholar wins 2nd Place Trophy at Conference

Shihao Zhai, McNair Scholar, won the 2nd place trophy in the Environmental Sector for his poster “Designing a Portable Particulate Matter Monitor” at the annual AICHE conference.

The American Institute for Chemical Engineers (AICHE) held its annual conference in Boston during November, 2021. Shihao Zhai, the treasurer for UConn’s AICHE Chapter, attended the student portion of this conference in person and presented his research from the McNair Scholars Summer Program in the poster session. Zhai’s research investigated air pollution modelling, conducted by taking measurements of pollution and comparing them with GPS locations. Posters were judged on content, presentation, and neatness and Zhai’s took second place. According to Zhai, the best part of the experience was making so many new connections and hearing fascinating talks by experts in my field”.

Summer Undergraduate Researcher Briana Nosal ’22 (CAHNR)

Originally published in UConn Today


Coffee: some of us can’t imagine living without it, and now a UConn undergraduate researcher is working to determine whether it might help us live healthier lives.

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