Rise Scholar Program



Resilience, Inclusion, Success, and Equity (RISE) at UConn's Regional Campuses empowers underrepresented students through an equity-focused student success initiative. We believe in the power of resilience, inclusivity, and equity to transform students' educational experiences and set the stage for their future success.

Our commitment is rooted in breaking down barriers ensuring that all students rise to their full potential. We aim to enhance academic performance, increase retention rates, and improve graduation outcomes.

RISE is not just a commitment; it's a movement toward a more equitable and inclusive educational landscape.

The RISE includes: 

  • Programs and workshops designed to enhance students' academic, personal, professional development, wellbeing and financial literacy & wellness.
  • Ongoing, holistic academic coaching & supplemental advising from a College Success Coach
  • Free academic tutoring services for a variety of courses
  • Enrollment in First Year Experience course(s)
  • Access to peer mentoring during first-year
  • Opportunity & enrichment scholarships to further academic, personal and professional development

For more information about the RISE Program, please contact:


UConn Hartford

Joanna Rivera Davis, Director of Student Success, Equity, & Inclusion

Email: Joanna.Rivera@uconn,edu  Phone: 959-200-3757 Office: Hartford, HTB room 314A

Kiara Ruesta Schliphack, College Success Coach

Email: Kiara.Ruesta@uconn.edu Phone: 959-200-3804 Office: Hartford, HTB room 310


UConn Stamford

Herman Shelton, Executive Director of Access & Postsecondary Success

Email: Herman.Shelton@UConn.edu

Aliyah Hayes, Program Specialist

Email: Aliyah.Hayes@uconn.edu


UConn Waterbury

Nicole Ariyavatkul, Director of Student Success, Equity, & Inclusion

Email: Nicole.a@uconn.edu  Phone: 203-236-9919 Office: Waterbury, room 230D

Radeana Hastings, College Success Coach

Email: rch15001@uconn.edu  Phone: 203-236-9065 Office: Waterbury, room 230