Leadership and Employment Opportunities

Community Leader Position

The Community Leaders (CLs) work and live in a residence hall on the Storrs campus with approximately 150 incoming SSS students during the Summer Program. CLs are the first point of contact for residents and serve as role models, guides, mentors, resources, coaches, and advocates. The CL’s job is challenging, demanding, often unpredictable, and personally gratifying. To learn more about becoming a CL next summer, please contact……

G.R.I.T. Retreat

The Growing Resilience and Inspiring Transformation Retreat provides rising sophomore, junior, and senior PASS and SSS students an opportunity to develop their leadership skills, expand their network, and grow personally and professionally. Through interactive workshops and presentations by guest speakers, students increase their academic self-efficacy, mindfulness, and motivation. To learn more about this summer’s program or to register, please contact Sterling White: sterling.white@uconn.edu.

Mentoring Program at Avery Point

Due to a generous grant from the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut (CFECT) a mentoring partnership between UConn Avery Point and West Side Middle School has been established. UConn Avery Point students mentor middle school students from West Side Middle School in Groton, CT for a year by meeting once a week with their middle school matches. The grant from the CFECT pays for books that the mentors use with their middle School matches and a celebration at the end of the school year for all participants. During the school year 2013-2014, twenty-five UConn Avery Point students mentored West Side Middle School students. To learn more about becoming a Mentor, please contact the Avery Point SSS Coordinator, Aaron Collins: aaron.collins@uconn.edu.

Peer Coach Position

Student Worker Position

Student workers are hired to work in the CAP office on the Storrs campus. Student workers greet guests to the office, answer phone calls, manage and update special SSS projects and perform other administrative tasks. To learn more about becoming a Student Worker, please contact……..