Necmi Biyikli

Assistant Professor, School of Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Current Research Interests:
Our Atomic Layer Engineering (ALEng) Lab is interested in exploring nanoscale coatings for clean energy, sensing, wearables, and computing applications. We exploit low-temperature atomic layer deposition (ALD) towards the synthesis of semiconducting, dielectric, and conductive films. Our goal is to achieve atomic-level precision-controlled, high-quality device layers at substantially reduced growth temperatures.

Current Research Projects:
1) Wide bandgap III-nitride (GaN, InN, AlN) synthesis and characterization for flexible electronics
2) Ultrawide bandgap Ga2O3 synthesis and doping at low substrate temperatures
3) Area-selective ALD for ultrasensitive toxic molecule detection and fuel-cell catalytic surfaces
4) Tunable smart electrical switches based on ALD-grown VO2 films

Contact Information
Phone(860) 486-2666