About Promise Scholars


Promise Scholars are those UConn students who have earned Hartford or New Haven Promise Scholarships.

    • The Hartford and New Haven Promise Scholarships provide financial assistance to high school students who are residents of their city to attend the college of their choosing.
    • There are over 300 Promise Scholars at the UConn Storrs campus. These students are supported by a network of their peers and their campus home base, the Center for Academic Programs (CAP).
    • Through CAP, Promise Scholars form a community and can access guidance and other university services to help them succeed as a student at UConn.
    • CAP welcomes all Promise Scholars and encourages them to use ROWE 230 as their on-campus home base for access to the Promise Scholar community, guidance, and academic support.



    Contact SSS Assistant Director, Carl Dean: carl.dean_jr@uconn.edu